A Little About Me

I am a London, UK based photographer and cinematographer.
I have always had a keen interest in art, books, and anything that can take me away from reality; even if it is just for a short time. I was always captivated by films and the ability to pull you into someone's world and see it through their eyes, which to me as a child was mesmerising. I moved around a lot when I was growing up, so I wanted ways to entertain myself and encourage my imagination, which typically came from toys, computer games, reading fantasy and drawing.

I believe that photography and films have the power to affect people's emotions, as it can either: capture a beautiful moment in the past, inspire the imagination of what could be possible, to change people's perspectives on certain matters, inspire change and bring to light a hard reality of the world around us.

This led me to study photography at Newcastle College, where I honed my skills and knowledge of cameras and commercial work. Photos are amazing in their own right, but there is something magical about ones that move. This brought me to university to study film and tv production, where I was able to delve deeper into my passion for creating a world/ a story that can captivate people.

I aim to create visually stunning content for both consumer and commercial industries: with portraiture and fashion, short films, brands and their products, events as well as documentary/street photography.
I strongly believe the concept of "Giving the gift of photography", being able to give to someone a tangible memory of their experiences, by capturing those precious moments in people's lives where emotions were at their peak.

Feel free to download a copy of portfolio here:

Kieran Finch Studios Affiliation _ NCUK.
Kieran Finch Studios Affiliation _ HoliO